Say hello to Angel, she is a 6 year old Rottweiler and has been in our care since January now. Angel is incredibly loving, loyal and overall calm once she gets to know you. She needs slow interactions so she can build a bond with you. Once she knows you she is very affectionate and will lay by you having a fuss! Angel can take a short while to adjust to a home setting and she can be cautious of new people at times, so she is looking for a quiet household with a small family with few visitors where she can relax and take the time she needs to settle. We feel Angel would ideally benefit from a family who has owned Rottweiler's before and understands the breed. Angel gets overlooked a lot because she has elbow and shoulder dysplasia. She doesn’t need an operation however would have to stay on a joint supplement and pain relief for the duration of her life. Her pain medication costs about 80p per day and her joint medication is around £26 for 120 capsules! At the moment she can only have 3 X 10 minute walks. Angel cannot go up any stairs and will need to have lots of affection and brain stimulation games in the home. Please fill in an interest form below if you could be her new family.