Please say hello to our handsome man Buddy, he is on the lookout for his forever home after being left all alone and expected to fend for himself in the big outdoors. Buddy is such an affection boy and will make the most perfect feline addition to any family, he will happily lap up every bit of attention offered to him and will even roll over for belly rubs. Buddy is one for sunbathing when the opportunity arises so he is accustomed to having a small beauty treatment on all sunny days where he has a tiny amount of sun cream put on his ears to prevent them from burning. If you feel you would like for Buddy to come and live with you and spend the rest of his life being totally spoilt and adored (you will be totally smitten with him guaranteed!) then please fill out an interest form for him and you can come and meet the man himself … be prepared though, he will be demanding a belly rub (or 2!).