We would like to introduce you to our beautiful girl Bella-Rea, she will come up to you for a fuss by rubbing her head up against your hand and likes to talk to you. Bella-Rea gets bored very quickly and will let you know when she has had enough by hissing at you and then she wants to go and look out the window to watch the world go by. Bella-Rea will need a experience owner who has had temperamental cats in the past. We believe that she has not had much interaction with people or she has had a bad experience with them. Due to this she does lash out and hiss for no reason. Bella-Rea will benefit from a quiet home and to be the only pet. Her handler works with her behaviour everyday to help her to trust people and this would need to be carried on in the home environment. You will need to let her adjust at her own pace and be sympathetic to her trust issues. 

If you would like to give Bella-Rea her forever home, then please fill out and submit the interest form below.